The Pace of Evolution

Is it just me, at the ripe middle age of 61, or is the world evolving at an increasingly rapid pace? And who is the arbiter deciding what gets adopted and what doesn’t as our world shape-shifts around us? Is anyone in charge? Maybe no one ever was, but we lived our lives at the pace of the written word and newspapers of one sort or another. Now we live at the pace of computers and the only limitation is the speed of our internet connection.

A few years ago, I published my second book, Journeys of Transformation. A week or two later, I learned of a new acronym to describe the LGBTQQIAA community — MOGII. Marginalized Orientation, Gender Identity, Intersexed. I cursed that this new information wasn’t in my book! Outdated already!

A few days ago, I ordered my first copies of the second edition of Journeys of Transformation. I think there is some kind of Gay Murphy’s Law at work here; a day after I finalized the second edition, I heard of yet another acronym — QUILTBAG. I love this word and thought it was new; I did an Internet search and discovered 2011 references to this term. Here’s what it means; you tell me why it never caught on: QueerUndecidedIntersexLesbianTransBisexualAsexual/AllyGay. A friend had a wonderful take on this QUILTBAG: quilts are a mosaic of colors and designs, forming a delightful whole that can keep a person warm at the coldest times.

So which arbiter decided this acronym wasn’t worthy of common usage? I’d have thought an acronym that was a real-live pronounceable word would be of huge benefit to MY generation in particular, often overwhelmed by the length and complexity of the current LGBTQQIAA. I wrote Journeys of Transformation to help each letter of that unwieldy acronym understand each other. Though QUILTBAG doesn’t really further understanding, it sure is easier to remember all the letters. And you can pronounce it.

Author: reidpdx

I am an honorary lesbian transman, married to a woman, singing baritone in the Portland Gay Men's Chorus. All me, all the time.

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