There are many valuable resources on the internet. The following are springboards; follow them and allow yourself to surf a bit. If you find a useful site that isn’t listed here, please send me the link and I’ll incorporate it.  Excellent resource for transmen, everything from binders to packers. Portland’s Q Center, an invaluable resource offering meeting space, a library, and good, supportive staff and volunteers. Are you looking for a new haircutter? I found a GREAT resource at Bishop’s in Sellwood. Ask for Noah — this guy GETS IT around gender, both in terms of identity and expression. And, he does a great haircut.  Over the Rainbow Transformations offers various gender expression services to transwomen and crossdressers in the Portland, Oregon area. Victoria Sinclair is good folks. NW Gender Alliance was formed in 1980 and remains an excellent support organization for transwomen.  The National Center for Transgender Equality is keeping abreast of all the various laws (such as bathroom bills) that are changing so rapidly around the country. PFLAG has several hundred chapters, world-wide. PFLAG is the only organization focused on the family experience of LGBTQQIAA identities. These days, the majority of families seeking support from PFLAG are doing so because a family member is trans in some way.  The Transgender Health Program at OHSU (Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, Oregon)  “provides safe, comprehensive, affirming health care for the transgender and gender nonconforming communities.”  Now offering yearly conferences in Seattle and Los Angeles, Gender Odyssey is an excellent way to meet others and find support and educational opportunities about various aspect of trans identity. Esprit is one of the oldest continuously-running trans conferences. Primarily addressing transwomen’s issues, this conference is held in Port Angeles, Washington each May. Southern Comfort is one of the biggest trans conferences in the east. Come to Atlanta in September!   List of various LGBT+ conferences around the world.  The only trans conference focused entirely on trans healthcare. Held in Philadelphia every year.

Therapist referrals

Since I retired in 2012, I’ve often been asked for referrals to other therapists who “get it” around trans issues. The following is not an exhaustive list, but are names of people I know to be good therapists and who have the requisite knowledge to work well with trans clients. All are located in Portland, Oregon.

These therapists all work with individuals  and couples and are trans savvy. I’ve indicated specialties where appropriate.

Charlotte Redway, 

Bo O’Dell (speaks ASL),

Meg Jeske,

Catherine Chapman,

Beth Richman,

Brave Space, (specializing in working with families with trans children)

Kirk Shepherd, LPC, (with David Hanna, runs men’s groups welcoming of transmen. Also sees individual clients.)

David Hanna, LPC, (with Kirk Shepherd, runs men’s groups welcoming of transmen. Also sees individual clients.)

Karlaina Brooke, PsyD – (specializes in sex therapy, great for individuals and couples redefining their sexuality.)

Jake Jacobsen, LCSW – (uses expressive arts therapy)