Consulting and Education

During the course of my 15 year career as a therapist, I worked with over 450 clients who were asking, “How do I want to live my life?” For most, the context was gender identity. Either they, or a loved one or coworker, were deeply examining their relationship to gender and sought me out for guidance along their journey. I heard a lot of stories. I also have my own transition journey to add to the knowledge I’ve acquired. I enjoy using my knowledge to benefit others, through consultation and education. Contact me if you’re in need of training or consultation around trans issues. I have supervised therapists, conducted workshops and led trainings about many aspects of trans experience.

What people are saying:

“I had known of Reid by reputation for a while when we first met at a conference. I was immediately impressed by Reid’s knowledge, experience, professionalism, and depth of empathy and caring for the needs of the clients. As a consultant for a number of my clients, Reid has also been attentive to my growth as a counselor to transgender clients, ensuring that I, too, develop the knowledge and experience I need to be an effective counselor. I’m looking forward to many more consultations, and I cannot think of anyone whom I would recommend more strongly!” — Jordan J. Shin, MS, LPC, Eugene, Oregon

“I sought Reid out for clinical expertise after reading his excellent book, Transition and Beyond: Observations on Gender Identity. I am a licensed professional clinical counselor, and since I was working towards my specialization in working with trans* populations three years ago, I wanted consultation with an expert with clinical experience. We consulted often over the course of two years, and Reid was absolutely wonderful. He is genuine, warm, and welcoming in his approach, providing concrete examples and informative feedback to help in assessment, conceptualization, and treatment of trans* populations in the mental health field. He was personable and knowledgeable, I found myself learning even more than I thought I could after each meeting. Consultation with Reid was critical in my professional development as a counselor and it was such a pleasure to have such a transformational experience.” — Caitlin Yilmazer, MA, LPCC, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Reid has consistently been one of the highest rated guest speakers in my college classes. Students consistently say his knowledge about gender is eye opening to them and that Reid has a unique perspective on transgender issues and gender issues in general. Another comment I often get is that it is relieving to hear Reid talk as he can add fundamental information as well as important nuances to gender-related experiences that students want to learn more about. It is a pleasure to have Reid come to class as the results are always quite positive.”   — Chris Allen PhD

“Reid has done multiple presentations for us at GALA Choruses to help us understand how to make our choruses more welcoming to trans* singers.  It is eye-opening to learn how the language we use and assumptions we make form unintentional barriers.  In 2016 GALA awarded Reid our Distinguished Service Award for his service to the LGBTQ choral movement.”  — Robin Godfrey, Executive Director, GALA Choruses

“I have relied on Reid as a guest speaker at a variety of training venues. He has a wonderful combination of lived experience, research, and community involvement to provide a uniquely personal perspective on gender identity. I am so impressed with his ability to understand the training needs of the audience and provide a tailored presentation to meet the needs with humility, compassion and grace.” — Paul Iarrobino, True Path Consulting NW

“Reid Vanderburgh joined the PFLAG Portland Board of Directors in 2014. Since then, he has become our leading voice on issues related to gender and gender identity. Reid is a frequently requested speaker at PFLAG gatherings. His expertise and ability to synthesize information for people unfamiliar with issues effecting transgender people is without compare. It’s common to hear remarks after Reid has spoken like, “that makes sense to me now” or “I never thought of it that way before” as Reid gently prompts his audiences to confront their own blind spots. If you are looking for a highly skilled and knowledgeable facilitator and teacher, look no further than Reid Vanderburgh.” — Dawn Holt, board member, Portland PFLAG and PFLAG National