TRANSITION AND BEYOND: Observations on Gender Identity

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Do you have a friend, co-worker or family member who is trans? Are you trans yourself and looking for a book to give  loved ones, co-workers or fellow students? Are you seeking understanding on your own behalf? This is the book for you!

What people are saying:
“Before this book, there has been no therapeutic approach that has taken into account my family, people who live the sex and gender paradox of not-man, not-woman. Hurrah!”
—  Kate Bornstein, author of five books including Gender Outlaw

“This is the best book on the market for counselors wanting to learn how to adapt their practice to address the needs of transgender clients. I teach a graduate level gender affirmative counseling course and use this as our main text. Because of Reid’s warm, down to earth, and inviting writing style, my students are always saying how much they enjoy reading his book. As a teacher, I am always trying to get students to read their material, but in this class the  students actually want to read!”  – Colt Keo-Meier, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

“Reid’s book is one of the few that sees trans people in context, in the light of long-held religious beliefs, relationships, and families. This book isn’t just vital reading for therapists, but for trans people and their families.”  – Helen Boyd, author of My Husband Betty and She’s Not the Man I Married

Transition and Beyond


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JOURNEYS OF TRANSFORMATION: Stories from Across the Acronym

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LGBTQQIAA??? Add a P? What about MOGAI? MOGII? Confused by all the permutations of possibility? Journeys of Transformation explains all the letters of the acronym (as of summer 2018!). Weaving personal stories with historical narrative, this book explains how we got to here from there as the acronym has expanded over the years.​

What people are saying:

“In Journeys of Transformation, Reid captures the stories of a divergent and diverse multi-generational LGBTQQIAA ‘community’ and presents their struggles and triumphs to be seen and heard through the eyes of a seeker, the ears of a storyteller and the heart of a clinician.”  — Zander Keig, LCSW

 “Reid has woven a tapestry of individual journeys that have much to teach us about identity and life transitions of all kinds. This book is an illuminating and surprising look at a diverse community, a must-read for anyone interested in the transition toward living an authentic life.” — Kit Rachlin, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Gender Specialist

Journeys of Transformation


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If you are local to me and want to buy a book, let’s have coffee and you can get one from me directly.